Dean's Office


The Dean’s Office is an administrative unit of the faculty carrying out administrative services. The unit is headed by its chief executive officer, the head of the Dean’s Office.

Units within the office are as follows:

  • Dean’s Secretariat
  • Admissions and Student Service Centres (Hungarian, English and German)
  • Marketing and Communications Office
  • Office for International Relations and Erasmus Programme
  • Technical Support Unit and Organization of Training
  • PhD and Habilitation Office
  • Registrar’s Office

Dean’s Secretariat

The Dean’s Secretariat is the central administrative body of the faculty.
Its tasks are:

  • to coordinate and monitor faculty documents to be submitted to the Senate meetings and those of the Rector’s Council
  • to prepare the administrative issues of the Dean’s meetings, Faculty Council, Council of the Heads of Organisational Units and the Board of Professors, to administer the resolutions and decisions passed
  • to prepare and organise the daily schedule of the dean and the vice deans, their official visits within and outside Hungary
  • to manage central filing and recording
  • to monitor and publish any legislative changes and university policies (decisions passed by the Senate, Rector’s and Dean’s Orders; to regulate and supervise faculty measures)
  • to supervise data processing of the faculty organisational units
  • to update central data bases necessary for the functioning of the faculty
  • to prepare faculty events and to coordinate their organisation
  • to manage premises used for non-educational purposes (aula, guest rooms, conference rooms)
  • to issue transcripts, degree duplications, degrees in Latin in cooperation with the Registrar’s Office