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The history of the Department of Pathophysiology in Pécs is closely linked to the name of professor Szilárd Donhoffer (1902-1999). He was the founder of the Department: he started his career as a physician in the Clinic of Internal Medicine under the supervision of professor János Ángyán. As an outstanding physician and researcher he was appointed as head of the newly established Department of Pathophysiology in 1949. He was the author the first (single-author) textbook of Pathophysiology that was famous for being extremely difficult and also for requiring rational analytical thinking (1957, 1961). 1964-67 he served as rector of the University, from 1964 he was elected member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. With his keen intellect professzor Donhoffer followed the research and teaching activity of his Department until his very death.





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Each year, the Medical School recognizes 3 departments and 3 clinics, the best lecturers of theoretical and clinical subjects as well as excellent practice instructors based on the votes of graduating students.

Each year the Dean and the Director of the Clinical Centre recognize the performance of 3 theoretical and 3 clinical departments with the Excellent Department/Excellent Clinic award.