International Studies Centre(ISC)

The International Studies Center’s (hereinafter ISC) main task – besides managing contacts with foreign universities and organizing faculty and student mobility – is to manage the foreign language courses and programs offered to international students. There is a wide range of possibilities for those who wish to study in Hungary, in Pécs, at ISC, starting from two-week-long courses, to one-year-long study. In order to motivate mobility, courses, trainings can be transcribed in other educational systems abroad.

Intercultural education, which introduces different cultures to each other and leads into the life and culture of the region - Central Europe and Hungary - through parallels, is extremely important. In all our programs we give an overview of political, historical, economical, social, environmental and cultural factors that have influenced and have been influencing the changes in Europe and Hungary.

The foreign language training programs of ISC are held by the lecturers of University of Pécs and by invited guest lecturers.

Beyond our regular programs we organize and manage special trainings, courses or further education courses according to the needs of foreign institutions or within grant programs.

By being actively involved in the international student exchange programs, we help the students of University of Pécs to study abroad.

Our permanent courses:
Preparatory courses:
  • English Language Preparatory (10 months)
  • Pre- Medical Course (10 months)
  • Pre- Business Course (10 months)
  • Pre- Medical Course (4 months)
Hungarian Courses:
  • Summer University
  • Winter University
  • Semester courses
  • Individual courses


Address: H-7624 Pécs, Damjanich utca 30.
Phone: +36 (72) 251 300