Department of Languages for Medical Purposes and Medical Communication

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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs.
The main profile of our department is the instruction and research in the field of languages for specific purposes in medicine, health, and pharmaceutical sciences as well as development and proctoring of the attending examinaton system for health sciences specific langauage purposes.
The departmental staff includes instructors who are engaged in teaching languages for specific purposes to aspiring professionals of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in the languages of English, German, Latin and Hungarian.
After joining the Bologna process instruction of languages for specific purposes has been provided by means of credit courses.
In contrast with the previous obligatory language instruction, all language courses for specific purposes in German and English are now elective or optional. Traditional langauge instruction has been replaced by professional communication coursework. The coursework is aimed at imparting abilites which are essential prerequisites for professional competency.
The aim of the course entitled Concepts and Functions, for example, is the acquisition of language principles of written and oral specific communication from a functinal aspect, i.e. learning the most important language functions characteristic of languages for specific purposes as well as heightening awareness of linguistic tools that assist in the performance of these functions.
The course entitled Discourse and Genres introduces students both to the most common genres in the field of medicine (e.g. the genres of research articles, case studies, patient information leaflets, etc.) as well as to the internationally accepted conventions pertainent to these genres.
The courses entitled Presentation Techniques and Taking Medical Case Histories focus on developing practical professional skills i.e. the students analyse and practise how to perform in simulated professional situations,  (doctor-patient interactions, scientific conferences).
Communication courses on the characteristics of languages for specific purposes in pharmacy and dentistry in English and German are also popular. There is a significant variation in the level of language competency of students who enroll in communication courses for specific purposes. Therefore, the aim of courses entitled Introduction to Studying English and German for Specific Purposes is to achieve parity in students` langauge levels.
These courses provide an opportunity for a more thorough practising of languages for specific purposes, learning language structures and vocabulary for students with lower language competency.
The course designed to prepare students for the language examination for specific purposes called Preparatory Course is aimed at helping the students to meet the requirements of the language examination .This course is directed towards developing both oral and written skills in languages for specific purposes.
Foreign students may enroll in elective language courses for medical purposes in Hungarian. These courses are taught during 4 semesters,  4 classes per week.
These students are required to pass the final language examination for medical purposes in Hungarian. Nearly 100 percent of them enroll in these courses.
The course entitled Latin Language and Medical Terminology is an elective course supplemented by specific components in pharmacy and dentistry offered to students of instructional programs in all three languages. Courses offerred in the first semester are elective. Optional courses in the spring semester include Greek - Latin Priniciples of Language for Medical Purposes, Latin in Medicine and in Clinical Practice, Medications in a Nutshell and Dental Latin.
In the first two semesters the course entitled Medicial Latin is offered to German students, while in the third semester the course Medical Terminology is offered to these same students.
In addition to this, during each Autumn and Spring semester both Hungarian and German students may practise their Greek and Latin in the course entitled Pathology and Forensic Medicine where authentic autopsy reports and medical constats are used.
The teaching materials for our courses have been compiled by the language teachers of our department.
The textbook English for Doctors written by Móriczné, Győrffy Mária deserves special attention. The book is a result of many years of research and it was published in numerous countries of Europe and also in Japan and China.
The textbook entitled Medizinische Sprechstunde- Sprachstunde written by Halász Renáta, Kulcsárné, Szemler Magdolna and Sabine Ylönen was published in Germany.
During the past years the colleagues of the department have compiled numerous coursebooks doing pioneer work in the field of teaching languages for specific purposes. Works done at the department are considered to be leading works in teaching languages for specific purposes and also in reasearch even today.
In the year of 2000 the PROFEX language examination for specific purposes in medicine and health sciences, developed at the Department of Languages at the Faculty of Medicine, won a state accreditation as the first examination  for languages for specific purposes in the country.
The examination centre for this examination system is located at the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs However, to meet the increasing needs an additional 20 examination sites have been established throughout the country. In 2007 the examination levels of PROFEX were harmonized with the levels B1, B2, and C1 of the recommendations of the Council of Europe.
Since then PROFEX has been a state-recognized examination for specific purposes, fulfilling the requirements of the European Union.
The PROFEX examination system  was used as the examination template for the development of the current language examination for specific purposes proctored at the Faculty, the accomplishment of which is a requirement in the credit system.
To promote the teaching of languages for specific purposes the Department has established a fruitful national and international network. There has been cooperation with several experts of  international repute in the field of both language teaching and testing. In addition to these accomplishments, staff members of the Department have earned grants from the European Union.  


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