Department of Pathology

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Oral Pathology Histology Notes

Lectures 2018/2019

01. Necrosis and apoptosis

02. a. Reversible injury

02. b. Pigments - Intro and exogenous pigments

02. c. Atherosclerosis

02. d. Calcification

02. e. Hemosiderin

02. f. Bilirubin

02. g. Amyloidosis

02. h. Pathology of obesity and diabetes

03. Growth disturbances

04. Inflammation

05. Pathology of circulation

06. Immunopathology

07. Oncology

08. Cardiology and angiology

09. a. Diseases uf upper airways

09. b. Lower airway infections

09. c. Congenital anomalies of the lung, atelectasis, Acu...

09. d. Chronic obstructive lung disease

09. e. Restrictive lung diseases

09. f. Tumours of the lung

09. g. Pleural and mediastinal disorders

10 Gastrointestinal pathology

11. Liver, bile ducts, pancreas and peritoneum

12. a. Nephropathology - Dr. László Kereskai

12. b. Kidney tumours - Dr. László Kereskai

12. c. Pathology of the lower urinary tract - Dr. László Kereskai

13. Hematopathology

14. Neuropathology

15. Endocrinopathology

16. Pathology of the soft tissue tumours

17. Pathology of male genital tract

18. a. Dermatopathology-Neoplastic and tumor like conditions

18. b. Dermatopathology-Inflammatory diseases

19. a. Bone pathology 1.

19. b. Bone pathology 2.

Pharmacy Lectures 2018/2019

01. Necrosis and adaptations

02. Thrombosis, embolisation, heart failure, shock, high ...

03. Bleeding diatheses. Oedema, congestion. Immune defici...

04. Autoimmunity

05. Oncology

Dentist Lectures 2018/2019

Benign and malignant epithelial lesions of the oral cavity


Degenerations and accumulations

Dermathopathology-Neoplastic and tumor like conditions

Dermatopathology-Inflammatory diseases

Diseases of the jaws

Diseases of the salivary glands

Diseases of upper airways

Endocrin lectures

Exogenous pigments. Accumulation. Calcifications, lithias...

Growth disturbances

Heart diseases




Kidney tumours

Mesenchymal tumors and tumorlike lesions of the oral cavity

Necrosis and apoptosis

Non-infective inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa


Pathology of the lower urinary tract