Department of Primary Health Care

Thesis topics


Secunder prevention in the family practice
Consultant: Ildiko Ban MD, Pécs

Palliatív Care and Hospice
Consultant: Ágnes Csikós MD, Pécs

Falls in elderly care
Consultant: Szilvia Heim MD, Pécs

Alternative vaccines: parental attitudes in a children primary care practice

Consultant: László Pátri, Pécs

Time from first presentation to treatment of symptomatic colorectal cancer in Primary Care Practices.

Consultant: Eva Pozsgai MD., PhD. 

The correlation between presenting symptoms, stage and waiting time to diagnosis in patients with colorectal cancer

Consultant: Eva Pozsgai MD., PhD.

The role of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in human cancers. HPV screening. Primary, secondary prevention.

Consultant: Eva Pozsgai, MD., PhD 

Urinary incontinence (functional voiding distrubances) in childhood: methods of screening in the primary care

Consultant: György Sándor  MD, Pécs