Department of Biophysics

Student Researchers' Society Topics

Characterisation of bacterial proteins using various biophysical methods

Supervisor: BARKÓ, Szilvia, senior lecturer

Co-supervisor: Dr. BÓDIS, Emőke, senior lecturer

Effect of clinical contrast media on the actin cytoskeleton

Supervisor: UJFALUSI, Zoltán, senior lecturer

Co-supervisor: Dr. HILD, Gábor, associate professor

Interactions of tropomyosin isoforms and gelsolin family proteins in the actin cytoskeleton

Supervisor: TALIÁN, Csaba Gábor, senior lecturer

Co-supervisor: VARNYUNÉ KIS-BICSKEI, Nikolett, assistant professor

Investigation of fluorescently modified actin mutants by spectroscopy methods and microscope

Supervisor: TALIÁN, Csaba Gábor, senior lecturer

New direct communication pathways between cells. Study of nanotubes by microscopy

Supervisor: SZABÓ-MELEG, Edina, senior lecturer

Oncogenic transitions and regulation of cytoskeletal system in cervical cytology samples

Supervisor: SZATMÁRI, Dávid, assistant professor

Co-supervisor: Dr. BARKÓ, Szilvia, senior lecturer

Superresolution microscopy applied for the discovery of intercellular communication

Supervisor: SZABÓ-MELEG, Edina, senior lecturer

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. NYITRAI, Miklós, full professor

The role of myosin 16, a unique motor protein, in the neuronal development

Supervisor: KENGYEL, András, assistant professor