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Global Warming - The Health and Disease Impacts

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Offizielle Daten in der Fachveröffentlichung für das folgende akademische Jahr: 2020-2021


Dr. Gellért GERENCSÉR (gellert.gerencser@gmail.com), assistant professor

Department of Public Health Medicine


Kode des Fachs/Kurses: OSF-GFE-T  |  2 ECTS  |  Dentistry |  Optional modul  |  both semesters

Voraussetzungen: keine


24 Vorlesungen + 0 Praktika + 0 Seminare = Insgesamt 24

Zahl der Kursteilnehmer für den Kurs

min. 1 – max. 30

Erreichbar als Campus-Kurs für 30 Teilnehmer. Campus-Fakultäten: GYTK


Recent observations and forecasts have highlighted that global warming basically changes our environment and society. Furthermore, it has abruptly come forward to a significant factor influencing the human health with its direct and indirect effects. The course tries to familiarize students with the possible cause effect relations, the impacts on human health and answering the question whether the public health systems are capable to cope with the changed climate. The course also tries to give a viewpoint for the students to evaluate the etiological factors of the respective disease in the context of climate change.


  • 1. The etiological factors of the global warming. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 2. The untouched and disturbed ecosystem. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 3. Physical, ecological and social responses of the disturbed ecosystem. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 4. The Direct, Indirect health-related and the Socioeconomic effects of global warming. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 5. The direct health effects I - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 6. Increasing heat wave frequency. Major events (2003, France) and the related cardiovascular diseases, future scenarios. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 7. The direct health effects II - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 8. Expanding aridity, drought and desertification. Expanding famine and malnutrition. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 9. The direct health effects III - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 10. Extreme weather intensification (hurricanes and floods). Triggered infectious diseases and chemical contamination. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 11. The indirect health effects I - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 12. The changed dynamics of vector-borne diseases. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 13. The changed dynamics of zoonotic diseases. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 14. Future predictions for vector-borne and zoonotic diseases, up to 2100. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 15. The indirect health effects II - The changed pattern of waterborne diseases. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 16. What impact will climate change have on water? - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 17. The indirect health effects III - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 18. Consequences of diminished air quality on the respiratory diseases. Aeroallergens in a changing environment. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 19. The indirect health effects IV - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 20. Coping with melting ice, rising sea and flood related mortality. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 21. Socioeconomic effects - The future situation of food and water: Access and Safety - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 22. Changing climate, changing biodiversity. Latest reports (IPCC, IUCN) concerning the biodiversity. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 23. Climate refugees and the upcoming environmental migration. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 24. Actions that may reduce global warming. Future climate researches and engineering. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel



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ppt-presentations of the lectures will be uploaded on the Neptun



Empfohlene Literatur

Gender, Climate Change and Health; WHO
The Effects of Changing Weather on Public Health, Annual Review of Public Health, Vol. 21: 271-307 (Volume publication date May 2000), DOI: 10.1146/annurev.publhealth.21.1.271

Voraussetzung zum Absolvieren des Semesters

Maximum of 15 % absence allowed


A simple choice test has to be done on the last lecture.

Möglichkeiten zur Nachholung der Fehlzeiten

Absence of 2x2 hours is acceptable, if it is exceeded the semester cannot be accepted.




Praktika, Seminarleiter/innen

  • Bérczi Bálint Dániel