COVID19-Summary from the Hungarian Student Council

7 September 2020

Dear Fellow Students!

The purpose of this page is to gather the most important information, instructions and regulations issued by the government, the University or the Faculty on a single interface and to make them available to students in a short, comprehensible and categorized manner. The interface is still active and its content is constantly updated with the release of new regulations.

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The new or modified points are marked with the following sign: ▶️

The summary consists of these main points:


1.1 The facilities of the University may be visited in accordance with the opening hours published by the given facility excluding the Clinical Center. The main building of the Faculty opens at 5:00. It closes at 22:00 in the term time and at 24:00 in the exam period.  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 3(1) )

1.2 The University buildings and courses may only be visited by a healthy person who does not show any symptoms of infection and whose body temperature is not higher than 37,8°C. Typical symptoms of the disease are: cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, taste and smell disorder. Visiting the premises is only possible with a specific purpose (education, research, work, study activities, administration) and only for the duration of this purpose.​  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 3(2-3) )

1.3 Those who present a medical certificate stating that their symptoms are not related to a coronavirus infection can enter University premises.  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 5(2) )

1.4 There will be a body temperature measurement for every student coming for their exams at the main entrance. Persons whose body temperature exceeds 37.5 °C after repeated measurements cannot enter the building and they will receive a certificate of this. Their missed exam can be certified by sending it to the course director and the Registrar’s Office so they will not lose an exam chance. Students who have a persistent rise in temperature due to another illness are allowed to enter if they present an official medical certificate of their illness.

1.5 University libraries have been reopened. See the following post for more information on the opening hours and rules:

1.6 It is possible to loan books from the Knowledge Centre without an immunity certificate. Detailed information on the service and the questionnaire that needs to be filled can be found on the following site:

1.7 University sports facilities may only be visited by persons authorized to use them. Outdoor fields of the University’s sport facilities can be used for sport activities.  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 13(1, 3) )

1.8 If the prescribed protective measures are not followed by a student during the stay on University premises, the appointed staff may request the student to follow the rules. If the student does not act accordingly the staff may request the student to leave the territory of the University.  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 4(1) )

1.9 If compliance with the rules cannot be achieved, or the student repeatedly violates the rules of entry, the student may be sanctioned by the University.​ (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 4(2) )

1.10 Students who have in-person study duties on campus must provide the following information on the University’s online portal below: the start and end date of the official, GP advised or voluntary home quarantine and the completion and result of a PCR or quicktest.

1.11 There will be no curfew and the mandatory closing time of shops and services will end. (Hungarian source)

▶️ 1.12 Shops are not required to maintain restrictions on the number of customers and social distancing rules.

1.13 Both individual and team sports are allowed in public areas. (Hungarian source)

▶️ 1.14 Gathering is allowed again. Family and private events can be held with the participation of 100 people. (Hungarian source)

1.15 Outdoor events under 500 people can be attended by anyone. An immunity certificate is required for events exceeding 500 people. Participation in indoor and music-dance events will also require an immunity certificate. (Hungarian source)

▶️ 1.16 Immunity certificates are not required for the use of catering establishments, accommodation services, leisure facilities and for cultural events and performances with pre-booked seats.

▶️ 1.17 Mask-wearing in shops and on public transport is no longer mandatory though the rule remains in force in social care settings and hospitals. However, wearing it in the mentioned places should not be prohibited for anyone.

1.18 Healthcare workers and students involved in the fight against the coronavirus may travel without any charges on all intercity and local transportation. To use the discount, you need a student ID and a certificate issued by the employer. (Hungarian source)

The required form is available on the last page of the following decree:

1.19 Travel discounts are available for 60 days after the end of the state of emergency for all students whose student ID card has a sticker for any semester of the 2019/2020 academic year or a sticker for the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year. (Hungarian source)

1.20 You will have to pay for parking again in Hungary from May 25th. (Hungarian source) 


2.1 The spring semester continues with hybrid education on March 16th (Tuesday). The course directors are free to decide which method they would like to follow.

2.2 We ask everyone to follow online classes until their negative test results arrive if a PCR was needed to re-enter university premises. After that, immediately join the personal attendance education.

2.3 Classes missed due to quarantine will be verified absences, course directors should be contacted on the matter of making up for them.

2.4 Without epidemiological actions rotational year (General Medicine 6th year) students shall not be restricted from their clinical practices. They must continue their practices by following the safety measurements advised by the authorities.

2.5 If the government decides that no further actions (quarantine, PCR tests,...) are necessary for any student then their practice shall be continued. However the course director may alter the method of participation in classes based on the pre-triage questionnaire.

2.6 The prerequisites of subjects based upon the summer practices will be modified, so that students will not lose a year due to epidemiological reasons. They still cannot be done in the instruction period so it is advised to complete them at their suggested time in order to avoid any overlaps in the next summer holiday.

2.7 Summer practices can be done based on the number of hours, with weekend and on-call shifts, and at a non-accredited hospital to make their completion easier.

2.8 The course director is also entitled to sign the Booklet for Clinical Skills instead of the specific supervisor if the acquisition of the practical elements taught during that course are certified. It is also possible to submit the lecturer's signature electronically on a separate sheet from abroad. It will be validated by the Registrar’s Office in the student's Booklet for Clinical Skills.

2.9 Only personal or in-house online exams can be organized in the case of obligatory subjects during the exam period. The examination of elective subjects can take place in distant online form as well.

2.10 At least 6 exam chances must be offered in case of written exams instead of 5. In case of oral exams at least two exam days must be offered per week.

2.11 The course directors may offer further exam days and exam chances during the exam period. They also have the possibility to announce exams for the weekends.

2.12 Absence from exams due to epidemiological reasons is considered as a certified absence if the circumstances are documented. In this case the student does not lose the exam chance.

2.13 The extra Dean’s equity chance is still available for those students who did not use it in the previous semesters.

2.14 The spring semester of the 2020/21 academic year will be extended until 31 August 2021 for students who participated in volunteer work during the semester. Practices may be completed during the summer if it is necessary.

2.15 The Faculty will provide an extraordinary examination period in August for students who participated in volunteering, secondment work and those significantly and documentedly hindered by the epidemic in the spring semester. The Registrar’s Office will inform the students about the exact details by at least the last day of the examination period.

2.16 The document containing other important details and deadlines of the exam period that was issued by the Registrar’s Office can be found at the following link:

2.17 A Kar által összegyűjtött, a vizsgaidőszakkal kapcsolatos gyakran előforduló kérdések és ezek válaszai az alábbi oldalon tekinthetőek meg:

2.18 Medical Hungarian Semester Language Exams (2A) are going to be held online. Oral Final exams are going to be held online at a pre-arranged time. Written Final exams are cancelled this semester to non-rotational year students. Rotational year students will have them at the 14th educational week.

2.19 If you already have an Amboss account, you can renew your subscription by clicking activate your license. If you don’t have an account use the instructions in the following links to create an account. You do not need to be logged into the university Wi-Fi when registering.


3.1 The University will continue to provide free PCR tests in the following cases:
- for students who are coming to Pécs for study purposes for the first time in the 2020/2021 academic year (e.g. were not in Pécs last semester or any time since then)
- if a new PCR test is a prerequisite for the student to start their practices due to the special precautions of the Clinical Centre and it can be proven with a written evidence
- for students who are continuing their studies on university premises after a COVID infection/quarantine due to close contact exposure (all the regulations from the government and the university had to be followed)

3.2 You can apply for a screening through our form. We are constantly updating the schedule based on this, which can be viewed at the link below. If the date is not suitable or you can see your name twice, please write us a message on Facebook. We strongly suggest you to do this as this might open up an appointment for someone else.
Apply for screening:
The schedule:

3.3 We would like to emphasize the importance of respecting the hygienic-sanitary measures: use hand sanitizers and keep the protective distance of 1,5m from others. Wearing a mask is mandatory while waiting either outside or inside the building. If you can, please bring a pen with you, this way we can further reduce the risk of transmission.

3.4 The PCR tests are only performed free of charge by the University at Nyár utca 8, if the case is listed under the point 3.1. Students who do not meet the criteria must pay for their own PCR tests so students who were in Pécs last semester but traveled and are now returning to Pécs must arrange their own tests.

3.5 In addition to the necessary epidemiological precautions and protective equipment, further equipment and testing should be financially covered by the department/clinic.

3.6 The result of a PCR test performed in any of the laboratories mentioned on the website of the National Center for Public Health is acceptable if it meets the previous requirements. The University does not financially cover tests outside of its jurisdiction.

3.7 In case of a positive test, the Epidemiology Department of Pécs will contact the person with the protocols and actions to be followed and contact tracing. Anyone who has been confirmed to be infected with coronavirus should inform the University and the head of the dormitory of this fact, the measures and deadline ordered by the authorities.

3.8 The results can be presented to the institutes/clinics in digital or paper form, the course director will inform the students about the exact way.

3.9 The health aptitude tests for other than first year students are suspended indefinitely.


4.1 It is necessary to apply for a police clearance when crossing the border EXCEPT in the following cases:
- Hungarian citizenship 
- in possession of a permanent residence card 
- in possession of a residence permit (at least 90 days) 
- arrivals from the EU, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Serbia and Liechtenstein, with a registration card and address card 

The application process can be found at the following link:

4.2 From November 13th the validity of the documents of third-country nationals in Hungary is extended until 30 days after the end of the state of emergency.

4.3 Persons entering Hungary are required to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine regardless of their country of departure.

4.4 Persons who have previously tested positive for COVID in the last 6 months do not need to undergo quarantine after crossing the border. They must be able to show the positive test results as well as a negative result taken after the infection. Antibody tests cannot be accepted.

4.5 Those who are asymptomatic and home quarantined due to crossing the border, might leave the quarantine for PCR testing with a permission from the Police. Follow the instructions below to get a permission:

4.6 You can leave the quarantine sooner than its official end date if you present two negative PCR results to the authorities. The two tests need to be at least 48 hours apart, but not more than 5 days. The two negative results need to presented to the authorities the following way:

4.7 In case of entering Hungary, the first of the two PCR tests required to leave the quarantine is acceptable if it was performed in a Schengen Member State or the USA or Canada and it was made not more than 48 hours before arrival. The result is acceptable in Hungarian and English. (Hungarian source)

4.8 Those who are asymptomatic and home quarantined might leave the quarantine after 10 days without a permission from the government. If you are asymptomatic, a negative test result after the end of the quarantine is sufficient to continue your studies. (Eljárásrend a 2020. évben azonosított új koronavírussal kapcsolatban 3.3. - Hungarian source)

4.9 If you develop symptoms during the quarantine due to crossing the border or contact tracing, you should contact your university GP, who has the right to order you an ambulance to get tested: +36308673315

4.10 Those who are quarantined and symptomatic only become eligible for PCR testing at Nyar utca after the quarantine and the symptoms end.

4.11 Quarantine after a positive test may take place in your apartment or at one of the quarantine dorms.
PTE Szántó Dormitory
Pécs, Szántó Kovács János street 1/d.
“C” dormitory

Damjanich Dormitory
Pécs, Damjanich street. 30. (Joint Order No. 15/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 4 (1a) - Hungarian source)

4.12 In case of mandatory or voluntary quarantine, the quarantine dormitory can be used for the following fees:

The service included in the above tariff also includes the replacement of hygienic items (liquid soap, toilet paper) and the change of bed linen (according to the rules for washing infected textiles). The catering service includes three meals (cold breakfast and dinner, hot lunch) a day. (Joint Order No. 15/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 6(1-2) - Hungarian source)

4.13 In justified cases, on the basis of a request, the head of the Dormitory may exempt the service user from the reimbursement of the costs of the quarantine dormitory service in part or in full by a reasoned and written decision. (Joint Order No. 15/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 6(5) - Hungarian source)

4.14 During mandatory or voluntary quarantine in the dormitory, the dormitory contract cannot be terminated. (Joint Order No. 15/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 6(4) - Hungarian source)


5.1 The Student Union of the UP has provided detailed information regarding the leaving of the dormitories and the rector's equity to the affected students before the deadline (November 15th 16:00). 

5.2 You may inquire at the following email address if you have any further questions:


6.1 Study matters are mainly handled online (by e-mail or via Neptun), except the following cases:
a) The fulfillment of payments at the designated University pay desks
b) Appointments booked via e-mail (Teams or personal meeting)

During personal administration it is mandatory to wear a mask and to keep a safe distance where it is possible (1,5 meters when standing in a queue).  (Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor Article 7(1-3) )

6.2 The Registrar’s Office’s opening hours in online form:
Monday-Thursday 7:30-16:00
Friday 7:30-13:30
The Registrar’s Office’s opening hours for those who booked a personal appointment:
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 09.00-12.00
Thursday: 09.00-12.00 and 13:00-15:00

6.3 An orientation guide was created by the Faculty, for you to acquire answers for your problems easier and faster. It provides accurate information on which organization should you contact with what type of problem. This guide can be found on the following page:

6.4 Personal administration is paused at The Office of the Student Union of the University of Pécs. Administration is available at the contacts below. If urgent personal administration is required, an appointment must be made in advance via

Dormitory matters:
Tender cases:
Volunteering / secondment matters:
Other matters: (Hungarian source) 

6.5 Personal administration is possible again at the Central Registrar’s Office. Booking an appointment at is always required. Customer service is still available at the e-mail address or by phone at +3672501681.

6.6 The Diákiroda (HÖK Office) operates with unchanged opening hours:



8.1 From the 1st of November, the system of emergency care for people with a suspected coronavirus infection has changed. If you have any symptoms suggestive of a coronavirus infection, call the university GP at the following number: +36308673315. (Hungarian source)

8.2 If your university GP considers that further examination is required based on your symptoms, you need to visit the Coronavirus Care Centre (Szendrey street) instead of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Clinical Centre (Ifjúság street). Do not use public transport to get to the hospital! (Hungarian source)

8.3 Hereby we present you the tips for treating the symptoms advised by PTE Hotline: 

8.4 The Hungarian government has created a platform where it is possible for students without a TAJ number to register for vaccination. The surface can be found at the following link:

8.5 All international medical students are entitled to a free flu shot at the university GP (FMK - Nyár utca). You can sign up for it via e-mail at or by calling +36308673315.


9.1 There are currently no voluntary work opportunities for international students.

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