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Department of Biophysics

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Supervisor: KENGYEL, András

Myosins are motor proteins responsible for cell motility and intracellular transport by converting the chemical energy of ATP into mechanical work. A recently discovered motor protein family is myosin 16, which can be found mostly in developing neurons, but little is known about its proper function.

Our research aim is to understand the basic features of this protein which has a unique domain structure. To achive this, we produce recombinant protein fragments in bacterial and baculovirus expression system. The enzymatic properties of the proteins are examined with transient kinetic, spectroscopic and microscopic methods. We are searching for binding partners of myosin 16 in neuronal tissue (newborn rat brain), the interactions are characterised with surface plasmon resonance. The localization or migration of myosin 16 in live cells are visualized with fluorescence microscopy after microinjection.

You are welcome to join this diverse project at several points to find answers for exciting scientific problems, meanwhile getting familiar with the latest biomedical techniques.

Fluorescent microscopic image of Cos7 cells: a) transmission image; b) actin cytoskeleton lebelled with GFP; c) After microinjecting Myosin 16b labelled with Alexa568 localize into the nucleus