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Biophysics Seminar for dentistry students 1

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. Edina SZABÓ-MELEG (, assistant professor

Department of Biophysics

Subject data

Code of subject: OSE-SD1-T  |  1 credit  |  Dentistry |  Elective module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: OSA-BZ1-T parallel

Number of hours/semester

0 lectures + 0 practices + 12 seminars = total of 12 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 3 – max. 25 person


The objective of the course is to advance the acquisition of knowledge andskills related to Dental Biophysics 1. Object-oriented discussions and problem solving sessions are organised in interactive small-group seminars.




  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics
  • 3. Ultrasound
  • 4. Solid state. Phase, phase diagram, phase transition
  • 5. Mechanics of solids
  • 6. Material science I.
  • 7. Material science II.
  • 8. Electricity
  • 9. Membrane potential, transport processes through the cell membrane
  • 10. Thermodynamics
  • 11. Diffusion, osmosis
  • 12. Test, consultation

Reading material

Obligatory literature

Tölgyesi, Derka, Módos (eds): Physical Bases of Dental Material Science, Budapest, 2012.

Literature developed by the Department

Materials related to the seminars can be found on the departmental website:


Recommended literature

Damjanovich, Fidy, Szöllősy (eds): Medical Biophysics, Medicina, Budapest, 2009.

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 25 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams

There will be no midterm test.

Making up for missed classes

None. Based on previous agreement with the lecturer the student can attend the seminar with another group another day on the same week.

Exam topics/questions

Exam topics can be found on the departmental website:


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Szabó-Meleg Edina
  • Dr.Turzó Kinga Mónika
  • Madarász Tamás