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Data Collection Techniques - Survey and Interview Methods

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. János GIRÁN (janos.giran@gmail.com), assistant professor

Department of Public Health Medicine

Subject data

Code of subject: OXF-ASI-h-T  |  1 credit  |  General Medicine |  Optional module  |  spring

Prerequisites: -

Number of hours/semester

12 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 12 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 20 person


Data collection is an essential component both of the university studies and working as preventive or curative practitioner. This course provides the opportunity for development of knowledge and skills in formulating a data collection plan, selecting appropriate data collection methods, developing a survey, and conducting interviews and observations.


  • 1. Identifying the research problem and developing a hypothesis , context and operationalization - Dr. Girán János
  • 2. Identification of research strategy and data collection method - Dr. Girán János
  • 3. Design of questionnaire I. type of questions and levels of measurement - Dr. Girán János
  • 4. Design of questionnaire II. structure and coherence of the questions and the questionnaire, preparation for coding - Dr. Girán János
  • 5. Type of survey methods: face-to-face interview, self-directed questionnaire, phone interview, online questionnaire - Dr. Girán János
  • 6. Sampling techniques - Dr. Girán János
  • 7. Standardised questions and questionnaires; types of interviews – structured interview, semi-structured interview, life history interview - Dr. Girán János
  • 8. Method of focus group - Dr. Girán János
  • 9. Method of observations - Dr. Girán János
  • 10. Method of sociometry - Dr. Girán János
  • 11. Data analysis and interpretation of results - Dr. Girán János
  • 12. Summary - Dr. Girán János



Reading material

Obligatory literature


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Recommended literature

de Leeuw, E.D., Hox, J.J. Dillman, A. D. (ed) International Handbook of Survey Methodology http://joophox.net/papers/SurveyHandbookCRC.pdf

A.P. Kelly: Social research methods. University of London, International Studies, 2016

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Maximum of 15 % absence allowed

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There are no make-up classes

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