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History of Epidemics and the Great Discoveries

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Dr. István Zoltán KISS (istvan.kiss@aok.pte.hu), professor

Department of Public Health Medicine

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Code of subject: OAF-JAR-T  |  1 credit  |  General Medicine |  Optional module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: -

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12 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 12 hours

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min. 1 – max. 30 person

Available as Campus course for 30 student(s). Campus-faculties: ÁOK GYTK


Epidemics of infectious diseases have always played a role in human history. The morbidity and mortality of infectious diseases greatly shaped the demography, politics, and culture.
The causative agents of diseases had long been a mystery for which numerous theories were proposed. Discovery of pathogens meant the beginning of a new era of epidemiology and the possibility of the effective fight against infectious diseases.
Although the significance of communicable diseases in developed countries is less and less important today, the history of the epidemiological discoveries is still an interesting field of medical science. This special field of medicine play also today a very important role in preventive medicine.
The students can get an inside view of cardinal discoveries and the history of great epidemics.


  • 1. Basics of epidemiology of infectious diseases - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 2. Early theories of infectiosus diseases - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 3. Plague 1. - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 4. Plague 2. - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 5. Smallpox - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 6. Leprosy - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 7. Tuberculosis - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 8. Syphilis - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 9. Childhood diseases 1. (Poliomyelitis) - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 10. Childhood diseases 2. (Diphtheria, Measels) - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 11. Development of Public Health 1. - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 12. Development of Public Health 2. - Dr. Németh Katalin



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