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Mineral and Spa Waters, Balneology

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. Csaba VARGA (chemsafety@freemail.hu), professor

Department of Public Health Medicine

Subject data

Code of subject: OPF-BAL-T  |  2 credit  |  Pharmacy |  Optional module  |  spring

Prerequisites: OPO-KTN-T parallel

Number of hours/semester

24 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 24 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 40 person

Available as Campus course for . Campus-faculties: GYTK


The main educational task of the subject initiating to form state-of-art regarding use and application of mineral and spa waters in Hungary and EU with special respect of the prevention.
Short description of the course: Delivering up to date hydrological, hydrogeological, physical, chemical, biological knowledge for students of medicine and other sciences.


  • 1. Hydrogeology and balneology of mineral and spa waters - Márovics Gergely Péter
  • 2. Hydrogeology of Hungarian mineral and spa waters - Márovics Gergely Péter
  • 3. Correlation of the geological characteristics and the chemical composition - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 4. Hydrology of mineral and spa waters - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 5. Mineral and spa waters in Hungary and Europe - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 6. Chemical characteristics of mineral and spa waters - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 7. Inorganic analytical classification. Presence of microelements - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 8. Inorganic ions, substances an compexes in the therapeutical effect - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 9. Organic ions, substances and complexes in the therapeutical - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 10. In situ water analysis. Inorganic analysis - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 11. Hygienic microbiological analysis - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 12. Arteficial mineral and medicinal waters - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 13. Peloids: genesis, chemical/physical/toxicological properties. Hungarian peloids. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 14. Mineral and spa water products - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 15. Introduction to Balneology: objectives and history - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 16. Water and ions in the human body - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 17. External cure with spa waters, mode of action - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 18. Mechanic, thermal, chemical and psychic actions, Spa reaction - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 19. Water types in cure - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 20. Application of spa waters to different diseases - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 21. Therapeutic applications of peloids - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 22. Internal use of mineral and medicinal waters, Drinking cure - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 23. Inhalation cure. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 24. Other natural cures: climate cure, physicotherapy, additional therapies - Dr. Varga Csaba



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