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TINUSZ, Benedek

TINUSZ, Benedek

Telefon: 33233

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: ERŐSS, Bálint

Co-supervisor: Dr. TINUSZ, Benedek

The two main histological types of esophageal cancers are squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas. Traditionally, the former is much more common, however, during the last few decades the incidence of adenocarcinomas has been rising so steeply that in some developed countries it has already surpassed squamous cell carcinomas in terms of occurence rates. There are no known nation-wide, large scale studies in Hungary that could prove this trend.

Our aim with this study is to gather data concerning the epidemiological state, risk factors and management system of patients with esophageal cancers. These findings are necessary for the introduction of certain endoscopic procedures used to treat early stage esophageal cancers.