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MOLNÁR, Lajos Zsolt

M.D., Ph.D.

Telefon: 31547

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: PÁRNICZKY, Andrea

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. MOLNÁR, Lajos Zsolt

The severe form of acute pancreatitis is similar in the aspect of pathophysiology and course of disease to septic shock. Both clinical conditions are associated with high mortality. Since the incidence of the severe cases of acute pancreatitis is rare (about 10% of all acute pancreatitis cases), there is only limited information about the course of disease, diagnostics and therapy. The aim of our study group is to establish an extensive research program to study patients who require intensive or subintensive care. In addition to retrospective, prospective and observational studies we are also planning prospective randomized controlled trials. One of our main goals is to expand our knowledge on extracorporal cytokine adsorption therapy, therefore we are initiating multicenter clinical trials on the cytokine adsorption therapy in patients with septic shock and with severe acute pancreatitis.