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PAPP, Nóra

PAPP, Nóra


associate professor

Department of Pharmacognosy

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Supervisor: PAPP, Nóra

Plants appear sporadically in different ecological habitats, which conditions can influence the morphological, histological and phytochemical characters of the medicinal plant species. The possible polymorphism plays an important role in the correct identification of the taxa, reffering to their recommended collection place. The aim of this study is to collect plant taxa from various ecological areas, and to analyse the similarities and differences among the selected populations. This comparative study consists of field work, as well as of histological and phytochemical analyses. 

Supervisor: PAPP, Nóra

Ethnobotany deals with the traditional knowledge and use of the medicinal plants in isolated regions. Several areas are not provided by permanent medical service or pharmacy, therefore rural people have to know and collect the plants from their environment in their everyday life. The study includes field work to collect these data by interviews, to find new taxa or drug parts for further laboratory (histological and phytochemical) analyses. These studies are of primary importance in the search for new indications and use of some plants, which are currently not supported by scientific evidence.

Supervisor: FARKAS, Ágnes

Co-supervisor: Dr. PAPP, Nóra

Histological features can play an essential role in correct identification of medicinal plants and their drug parts. This research will focus on the histological characters of vegetative or generative plant parts, investigated by various microtechniques, including the proper collection and storage of selected plant samples, the preparation of leaf surface casts and sections, as well as mounting and dyeing preparations. The preparations will be studied with light microscopy, and their histological data will be analyzed by different softwares.