General information

Organized formats of the PhD program

1) Full-time instruction, day time work, organized PhD program for state scholarship holders

a) For students starting their studies in the academic year 2016/2017 and thereafter the length of the PhD training is 8 semesters, which can be broken down into half-year reporting periods (hereinafter: semester). The first semester falls between 1 September and 31 January, while the second semester between 1 February and 31 August. The PhD training consists of a theoretical and research phase, and a research and dissertation phase. At the end of the 4th semester of the PhD training the candidate is obligated to take a complex examination in order to close the theoretical and research phase, and as the start of the research and dissertation phase. This exam measures and evaluates the academic and research advancement.

b) The person admitted to an organized PhD program has a student’ legal status with the University.

c) The legal status is established by enrollment. The candidate is obliged to enroll before the first day of the term.

The candidate is provided with a grade book and may apply for a student ID card.

2) Individualized studies

Doctoral students preparing on their own have already met the requirements necessary for the compilation and defense of the thesis during the course of their earlier activity.


Essential requirements of admission:

a) A graduate-level degree from a university

b) Supporting letters from two instructor-researchers

c) State recognized intermediate level of (possibly English) language exam type “C”

d) Letter of acceptance from your future research leader the University of Pécs Medical School

Admission preference to the PhD program well as awardal of state scholarships will be given to

a) students having achieved excellent results in the course of their graduate university studies

b) members having achieved good results in the Student-Researchers` Societies

c) those with language skills exceeding the ones defined in the basic requirements

d) those having completed study visits abroad

e) those having participated at scientific conferences  as presenters of papers and / or posters and also those who are (co)authors of scientific publications

Decisions concerning applicants` admission to the PhD program, the score given for the interview as well as for previous activities which may grant advantage to them, and the provision of state scholarships are made by the Doctoral Board of the Medical Faculty.

Procedures for earning the PhD degree

General rules and regulations

a) the postgraduate aquisition of knowledge satisfying the requirements for permission to take the PhD final examinations

b) passing the PhD final examinations

c) demonstrating level skills in English for Specific Purposes

d) reaching the minimal impact factor

e) writing a doctoral dissertation and defending it

The doctoral dissertation and its defending

1) The doctoral dissertation is the documentation of the objectives and methods of the research and the results achieved in the subject area

a) in the form of an independent writing written for this purpose, taking up a writing space of at least 50, but no more than 100 pages

b) in the interests of the high quality appearance of both the dissertation and the theses, practices having been formed and developed by the National Board of Accreditation must be followed.

2) After the dissertation is submitted, within a month the Doctoral Committee of the Medical Faculty asks two individuals preferably independent of the University of Pécs staff of public employees to act as official referees    (hereinafter called opponents).

3) The public discussion takes place in the presence of the Judging Committee called by the Doctoral Committee of the Medical Faculty, which consists of the chair, the two opponents and another two members. The chair must be a professionally competent professor of the Medical Faculty.

4) The dissertation can be regarded as "defended" if the total number of points is at least 60% or more of the obtainable points.

5) A decision about awarding or rejecting to award the  PhD degree is made by the  Doctoral  Board of the University, after the Doctoral Committee of Medical Faculty has made a declaration on its session following the defense, having taken into consideration the acquired points of the candidate and the  reports of the final examination committees.

Quality requirements of being awarded a PhD degree

1) Among the scientific publications, at least one should be an original paper- in connection with the topic of thesis- with an impact factor with the candidate as first author.

2) The sum of impact factors of scientific publications referred to in the candidate's application in case of clinical fields it should be a minimum of 2, however in case of andrology, dermatology, gerontology, infectology, gynaecology, oxyology, parasitology, pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, sports medicine, ophthalmology, and urology 1.5, in case of addictology, dentistry, medical informatics, rehabilitation, and tropical diseases 1.0. Regarding theoretical fields of science the required minimum impact factor is usually 3.5, in case of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, hereditology, neuroscience, immunology, cellular biology and virology it is 4.0, in case of preventive medicine and public health, pharmacognosia, organic, synthetic and pharmacological chemistry and forensic medicine it is 2.0, as regards pharmaceutical management it is 1.0. According to the above mentioned requirements the scientific field of the thesis is relevant.

For more information, please contact Ms. Erika Sóstai from the PhD and Habilitation Office:

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  • telephone: +36 72/536-101