Application and Admission Requirements


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General Requirements

The applicants must graduate from a high school / senior secondary school before being admitted to the university. In case the applicant leaves high/secondary school in the year of application and school leaving certificate is not issued until the day of entrance exam, a certificate of completion of high/secondary school studies has to be attached and the school leaving certificate has to be presented until the registration the latest. To keep up with the European admission standards for medical education, the applicants are expected to have had excelled in basic science courses. They need a strong basic knowledge in biology and chemistry. If the applicant graduated from high school more than two years before applying, he/she may be advised to take a refresher course in the required subjects. Applicants have to have B2 level/upper intermediate English knowledge and they have to be eligible for higher education studies in their home country.

Application Procedure

For the details of the application procedure, please visit our website at for more information.

Entrance Examination Topics

You can find the list of required Biology and Chemistry topics for the entrance exam at the link below: