Experience of former incoming students

We would like to inspire future visiting students of our Medical School with some incoming student reports from previous years. For reports in Hungarian please scroll down.

Erasmus+ Program (Reports in English):

5th-year Polish student from Krakow -  2021 spring

4th-year medical student from Mainz - 2020 autumn

German medical students at UP MS 2019-2020

5th-year Italian students at the Medical School 2020

5th-year Erasmus student from Italy 2019-2020

With Erasmus at UP MS - 5th-year student from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

A 5th-year medical student's experience from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

A 4th-year student's experience from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

Studying at UP MS as a 4th-year student from Spain 2019-2020

Experience of a 4th-year medical student from Spain at UP MS 2019-2020

Experience of a 4th-year Spanish medical student in Pécs 2019-2020

A pharmacy student's summer practice -2018

One semester Erasmus + internship-2018

Spring Semester -2018

An Italian student's semester in Pécs-2018

A Spanish student's experience-2017/2018

5 Reasons to go for PECS-2017/2018

Why Pécs?-through the glasses of a French pharmacy student AY 2016-2017

Erasmus in Pécs-2017 

My spring semester in Pécs-2017

French pharmacy student experience

A full academic year in Pécs- 2016/2017

A dentistry student's report-2017

A semester from an ethnic Hungarian's point of view -2017

The Spanish experience-2016/2017

An Italian student's experience-2016/2017

One summer term in Pécs from Würzburg - 2016

The Erasmus connection - 2016

My Hungarian experience - 2016

Erasmus in Pécs from Pavia - 2016

The experience of a Greek student abroad

A semester in Pécs from Turku

My Erasmus experience in Pécs

Erasmus+ Program (Reports in Hungarian):


Nyári gyakorlat a Neurológiai Klinikán - másodéves marosvásárhelyi orvostanhallgató beszámolója - 2021

Negyedéves fogorvostanhallgató élményei a nyári gyakorlaton - 2021

Másodéves marosvásárhelyi hallgató nyári gyakorlata a Gyermekklinikán - 2021 nyár

Ötödéves marosvásárhelyi fogorvostanhallgató élményei 2020-2021

Negyedéves marosvásárhelyi orvostanhallgató beszámolója 2019-2020

Marosvásárhelyi fogorvostan-hallgató élménybeszámolója 2020

Egy határon túli hallgató élménybeszámolója-2018

Nyári gyakorlat a Transzlációs Medicina Intézetben-2017

Egy Erasmusos nyár a Pécsi Fogászati és Szájsebészeti Klinikán -2017

Nyári gyakorlat - egy fogászhallgató beszámolója-2017

Egy akadémiai év 2017/2018

Az én nyári gyakorlatom Pécsett-2017



International Summer Exchange Program:

Cardiac Surgery practice at the Heart Institute

A student's report from Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Slovakia, Martin - 2018

A Slovakian student's report - 2018

Two Russian students' experience from Izhevsk - 2018

A Saint Peterburg student's report - 2017

Summer internship in Pécs

Our great summer in Pécs - 2013

Impressions of a summer practice - 2013

Coming from Russia