Our incoming students' experience

Erasmus+ Program (Reports in English):

German medical students at UP MS 2019-2020

5th year Italian students at the Medical School 2020

5th year Erasmus student from Italy 2019-2020

With Erasmus at UP MS - 5th year student from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

A 5th year medical student's experience from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

A 4th year student's experience from Marosvásárhely 2019-2020

Studying at UP MS as a 4th year student from Spain 2019-2020

Experience of a 4th year medical student from Spain at UP MS 2019-2020

Experience of a 4th year Spanish medical student in Pécs 2019-2020

A pharmacy student's summer practice -2018

One semester Erasmus + internship-2018

Spring Semester -2018

An Italian student's semester in Pécs-2018

A Spanish student's experience-2017/2018

5 Reasons to go for PECS-2017/2018

Why Pécs?-through the glasses of a French pharmacy student AY 2016-2017

Erasmus in Pécs-2017

My spring semester in Pécs-2017

French pharmacy student experience

A full academic year in Pécs-AY 2016/2017

A dentistry student's report-2017

A semester from an ethnic Hungarian's point of view -2017

The Spanish experience-2016/2017

An Italian student's experience-2016/2017

One summer term in Pécs from Würzburg - 2016

The Erasmus connection - 2016

My Hungarian experience - 2016

Erasmus in Pécs from Pavia - 2016

The experience of a Greek student abroad

A semester in Pécs from Turku

My Erasmus experience in Pécs

Erasmus+ Program (Reports in Hungarian):


Negyedéves marosvásárhelyi orvostanhallgató beszámolója 2019-2020

Marosvásárhelyi fogorvostan-hallgató élménybeszámolója 2020

Egy határon túli hallgató élménybeszámolója-2018

Egy akadémiai év 2017/2018

Nyári gyakorlat a Transzlációs Medicina Intézetben-2017

Egy Erasmusos nyár a Pécsi Fogászati és Szájsebészeti Klinikán -2017

Nyári gyakorlat - egy fogászhallgató beszámolója-2017

Az én nyári gyakorlatom Pécsett-2017




International Summer Exchange Program:

Cardiac Surgery practice at the Heart Institute

A student's report from Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Slovakia, Martin - 2018

A Slovakian student's report - 2018

Two Russian students' experience from Izhevsk - 2018

A Saint_Peterburg students's report - 2017

Summer internship in Pécs

Our great summer in Pécs - 2013

Impressions of a summer practice - 2013

Coming from Russia