Facility schedule

Facility schedule


If you have found a free time in the sports hall, gym and swimming pool, you can book at the following email address: pote.sportcsarnok@gmail.com

You can book a squash room at pote.fallabda@gmail.com.

Please make your reservation one week before the desired date.

(For a clear view of the calendar choose the "Week" tab.)



Sports hall:

  Weekdays Weekends
UP Students and Employees 7500 Ft/h 9000 Ft/h
Others 15 000 Ft/h 18 000 Ft/h



UP Students and Employees 4000 Ft/h
Others 5000 Ft/h

Swimming pool:



Rental fees:

MS Student  1800 Ft/h
UP employee 2500 Ft/h
Others 3000 Ft/h
Racket 300 Ft/h
Ball 100 Ft/h



Available to book:

Monday: 14:00-21:00

Tuesday: 14:00-19:30

Friday: 14:00-21:00

Weekends: Based on consultation

Fee: 5000 Ft/h