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associate professor

Heart Institute

Telefon: *0633, 34661, 34687

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: GASZNER, Balázs

Large amount of evidence is now available on the crucial role of preclinical organ damage in determining the cardiovascular risk of individuals. Arterial stiffness parameters are commonly used for this purpose, to identify structural and functional changes of the arteries in the development of atherosclerotic disease. Recent European guidelines (ESC/ESH) recommended the assessment of arterial stiffness, as an evidence of target organ damage. However, measuring arterial stiffness parameters is currently not sufficiently widespread, and thus the information it provides remains desirable but difficult to obtain. According to the same guidelines “it might be more widely recommended if its availability were greater”. Novel developments offer different non-invasive, user friendly examination methods, which could solve this controversy. The aim of our study is overcome these limitations and compare recently validated, time-saving, low expense systems: the carotid Doppler echo-tracking system and the oscillometric equipment with the carciac CT and MRI methods.