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DR. TURZÓ, Kinga

DR. TURZÓ, Kinga

Telefon: 37411

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: DR. TURZÓ, Kinga

The increase of human’s time of life increases the need for biomaterials replacing parts of human body or organs. The study of the biointegration of alloplastic materials and development of biocompatible materials is one of the most important research fields of biomedical sciences. Biomaterials or alloplastic materials are synthetic materials used to make devices to replace part of a living system or to function in intimate contact with living tissue. They cannot trigger any toxic and unwanted reaction in the host system.

During the science student circle we plan to investigate the biointegration of dental implants. These implants are artificial replacements of a missing tooth which is made of Titanium (Ti) and are one of the most common medical implants. During biointegration the biomaterial gets in direct contact with the living tissues, it has to be functional for a long time and cannot be harmful for its biological environment (Park, 2000).

The successful biointegration of implants depend from many factors: bulk and surface characteristics, construction (design) and the biocompatibility of the material. Beside this the applied surgical technique, general health condition and life-quality of the patient are also decisive. Biocompatibility is the acceptance of a synthetic material or an artificial implant by the surrounding tissues and by the body as a whole (Park, 2000). The proposed research topic will focus on the surface aspects and biocompatibility of these implants.


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