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Otology and Temporal Bone Dissection

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2019-2020

Course director

Dr. László LUJBER (, associate professor

Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology

Subject data

Code of subject: OXF-FHB-h-T  |  1 credit  |  General Medicine |  Optional module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: ODA-AA1-T completed

Number of hours/semester

8 lectures + 2 practices + 2 seminars = total of 12 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 1 – max. 2 person


The aim this course is to teach the students the different anatomical and pathological aspects of the ear diseases and surgical techniques. During the course theoretical and practical presentations and demonstrations will be conducted and the students will have the possibility to perform hands-on cadaver dissection on real temporal bones.


  • 1. Anatomical and functional aspects of the external, middle and inner ear - Dr. Lujber László
  • 2. Diseases and treatment of the external ear - Dr. Lujber László
  • 3. Middle ear diseases I. - Dr. Lujber László
  • 4. Middle ear diseases II - Dr. Lujber László
  • 5. Treatment of the middle ear diseases - Dr. Lujber László
  • 6. Myringoplasty - Dr. Lujber László
  • 7. Tympanoplasty - Dr. Lujber László
  • 8. Reconstruction of the ossicular chain. - Dr. Lujber László


  • 1. Temporal bone dissection I-II
  • 2. Temporal bone dissection III-IV


  • 1. Inner ear pathologies and their treatment.
  • 2. Cochlear implantation.

Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Harold Ludman and Tony Wright (eds.): Diseases of the Ear, 6th edition
R.A. Jahrsdoerfer, J. Helms (eds.): Head and Neck Surgery, volume 2

Recommended literature

Becker, Naemann, Pfaltz: Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Absente from the seminar should be made up

Mid-term exams

No possibility

Making up for missed classes

No possibility

Exam topics/questions


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Lujber László