Emergency Psychiatry


Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2022-2023

Course director

  • Dr. Tamás TÉNYI

    Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Number of hours/semester

lectures: 12 hours

practices: 0 hours

seminars: 0 hours

total of: 12 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OXE-SUP-h-T
  • 1 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Elective modul
  • autumn

ODK-PH2-T completed

Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 20


The subject deals with emergency psychiatric issues in clinical practice and consultative psychiatry. Aggressive behavior associated with psychotic and organic cases are explored, as well as the clinical challenge of the dealing with the suicidal patient.


  • 1. Summary - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 2. Biological therapies - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 3. Symptoms and emergency - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 4. Psychotherapies - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 5. Internal and neurological disorders and emergency - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 6. Emergency psychiatry - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 7. Consultation - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 8. Aggressive patient - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 9. Organic psychiatry and emergency - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 10. Forensic issues - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 11. Pregnancy and psychiatric emergency - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 12. Consultation - Dr. Tényi Tamás



Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Recommended literature

Kaplan Sadock: Synopsis of Psychiatry

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According to the Code of Studies and Examinations

Mid-term exams

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Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Tényi Tamás