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BENCZE, Gábor Tamás

BENCZE, Gábor Tamás

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Supervisor: BENCZE, Gábor Tamás

Co-supervisor: Dr. BOTZ, Bálint

Low dose whole body EOS x-ray imaging is a relatively novel technique that has an increasing role in the evaluation and follow-up of childhood spine deformities. This type of imaging depicts not only the axial and skeletal bony structures but also the torso and the chest. Therefore incidental findings unrelated to the main diagnosis are often encountered. According to empirical evidence these are mainly skeletal abnormalities in the examined pediatric population. The aim of this work is to retrospectively evaluate and assess these newly identified incidental findings encountered during diagnostic whole-body low dose x-ray exams. Since EOS is a recently developed technique knowledge of the incidence and type of incidental findings in the imaged population could be of great use in aiding the routine diagnostic work.