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PhD., Dr. Habil

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Supervisor: BOTZ, Lajos

Co-supervisor: Dr. FITTLER, András

Internet has revolutionised our communication, everyday life, commerce and also healthcare during the past decades. Now majority of European households have access to the internet and millions can reach online services on their mobile devices even away from home or work. One of the most popular uses of the internet is to find medical information and many rely on it as a basic health information resource. Internet-based commerce provides the opportunity to purchase various goods, and even medicines are not an exception. Internet-, or online pharmacies sell pharmaceuticals, including prescription medications on the internet. According to a recent systematic review and our previous studies it is estimated that nearly 6% of the general population is buying drugs online. Unfortunately the majority of online drug sellers violate safe pharmaceutical practices and laws. Numerous websites sell medicines without valid medical prescription and possibly distribute substandard, illegal, unapproved or counterfeit drugs. It is most likely that a a customer/patient will encounter such a potentially dangerous website as the number of illegally operating online pharmacies are enormous, far outnumbering legitimate sellers.