3 pillars in education - Dr Miklós Nyitrai, the dean of the UP MS evaluates the year

21 December 2023

Cameras in the operating theatres, development of PotePedia, closer links between the clinic and education. These are the 3 main pillars that Dr Miklós Nyitrai, the dean of the University of Pécs Medical School talked about in his annual review for the Univ TV in English.

During the interview, the dean stressed that the past year has been a very successful one for the Faculty. A renovated building, a world-class infrastructure and a Medical Skills Development and Innovation Centre of about 1700 sqm all contribute to the high quality of education at the Faculty of Medicine of Pécs.

In addition, the faculty is constantly paying attention to the well-being of its staff and students, as community is one of the foundations of quality education.