POTE+ mobile app - all in one place with the latest development of the Medical School

9 June 2023

A three-dimensional map of the campus with locations of the classes, the weekly timetable, the School newsfeed, and the forum of the most important topics concerning the medical community in Pécs are available with the help of the latest development of the UP Medical School, the customizable POTE+ mobile app. Developed for both Apple iOS and Android, the app is now available in the App Store and Google Play stores in German, English, and Hungarian, similar to the School’s website.

"POTE, the abbreviation of the former Medical University in Pécs, is often used in naming the innovations at the Medical School, such as POTEcho, PotePedia, or PotePillars, which is the strategic plan of the School. Our next addition to the above-mentioned range is our latest development, the mobile application called POTE+, which we hope will soon become one of our most used tools," - said László Fekete, head of the UPMS Digital Marketing Office, coordinator of the application development.

As he said, in the ever-expanding digital ecosystem of the Medical School, i.e. the mass of information and services obtained from numerous online sites, a narrow content must always be at hand to stay efficient or simply to find the information that is important to us easily and quickly. The POTE+ application was developed in response to these needs, allowing us to efficiently manage and channel the flow of information that characterizes our daily lives.

The app can be used by anyone, but it offers more to the citizens of the School with Neptun access. After a fast authentication, we can enjoy the benefits of the app:

- accessing our weekly timetable;

- a visual and easy-to-use 3D map of the campus displaying the locations of our classes;

- a quick and easy search of all School databases for any content;

- finding information in the built-in and, of course, up-to-date newsfeed;

- accessing and giving opinions on the most important issues affecting the community of the School;

- and instant access to the most frequently used website links.

With POTE+, you can stay in touch with the School and receive first-hand push notifications about important events, things to do, measures, and news.

"An online event registration and ticket ordering function has also been added as a useful feature still being tested, which will make the management of our events easier and more convenient in the future", points out László Fekete. "This starter service package already has the advantage of bringing together our everyday digital tools related to the Medical School in the most practical way possible, and, like our phone, it is always in our pocket."

The POTE+ mobile app is available now and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play online stores.

The development team welcomes all comments and requests for the app, and suggestions are welcome at poteplusz@aok.pte.hu or in the POTE+ topic on the app's community page.


Tibor Rafa-Gyovai