InSimu Diagnostic Online Competition (1st October 2021, 3.30 pm)

10 September 2021

The University of Pécs Medical School and the medical education software company, InSimu, are kicking off the new semester with an exciting online diagnostic competition on 1 October 2021. Teams of 2-3 can test their diagnostic skills through virtual patient scenarios in the InSimu application.

InSimu is an interactive educational platform that provides access to more than 7400 clinical scenarios. It aims to supplement and enhance classroom and case-based education, and broaden students’ clinical experience with patients. The students of the Medical School have already proven their skills by diagnosing more than 9000 patients successfully on InSimu.

The University of Pécs Medical School and InSimu are inviting both the students and the educators to participate in an exciting diagnostic challenge. The InSimu Diagnostic Online Competition 2021 will be held virtually on 1 October 2021 at 3.30 pm on Zoom. The competition will provide the students with a gamified learning environment where they can test their diagnostic skills and practice clinical problem-solving in teams.

The participants must diagnose 5 virtual patients using the most cost and time-efficient diagnostic route. To spice up the challenge, the students have to cope with the added time pressure: they will have 40 minutes to decide on the most relevant clinical examinations, evaluate the results, and finally, establish the correct diagnoses. The best-performing teams will be awarded with special valuable by the faculty.

“Enhancing students' learning environment with innovative educational technologies is a top priority for the Medical School. We therefore invite you to participate in the InSimu Diagnostic Competition 2021. This competition is organized jointly by the University of Pécs Medical School and InSimu. The InSimu app can create a unique opportunity for students to practice their diagnostic skills autonomously in a virtual environment. The platform provides teachers with an educational tool with which they can easily offer personalized, case-based courses or teaching materials and receive feedback on their students’ progress, strengths and weaknesses.

The competition is an excellent way to encourage students to work as a team, learn from each other and improve their diagnostic skills. And in this process, educators can gain a deeper insight into the virtual patient technology for medical education“- said László Czopf MD. PhD. ,Vice-Dean for Education.

Who can join the competition?

We are inviting the international and the Hungarian medical students (Hungarian, English or German) of the Medical School, regardless of their year of study to participate in the competition. While students are establishing diagnoses, their educators can analyse specific cases and discuss how to implement them into teaching.

Date and place: October 1, Friday at 3.30 pm / ZOOM meeting

Agenda of the event:

  1. Opening by Prof. Dr. Dóra Reglődi , Vice-Dean for Science
  2. Introduction to the InSimu platform and the rules of the competition
  3. Diagnostic competition for the students / Group discussion for the educators
  4. Awards ceremony


Registration and further information about the competition: