The Third Semi-Annual Frisbee Toss Demo

31 May 2023

Frisbee Toss

“The Third Semi-Annual Frisbee Toss Demo,” Dean-sanctioned and hosted by the Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication, in support of the Dean’s Wellness Program, proved successful judging by the smiles seen on the faces of all twenty-eight participants.

At the request of the course instructor, it seems our Dean has indeed a positive impact with the heavens above, as the request for sunshine was inexplicably honored and warmly appreciated.

On Wednesday, 18 April, 1000 hours, Spring Rains held off assuring Pluto Platter Afficionados a dry, lush, freshly mowed and sun-kissed lawn, a must in the art of Frisbee.

Coach Gabor Faskerti opened up the event with a rousing series of warm-up drills, flexing joints and stretching muscles paramount in thwarting sports-related injuries. Soon afterwards, Coach Faskerti divided up the group into two teams.

The first group consisted of students enrolled in “Discourse and Genres,” referred to as the “Challengers,” kicked off the morning festivities with a demonstration of individually-assigned throws targeting the second group, known fiercely as the “Avengers,” made up from Dr. Ildiko Bock-Marquette’s Laboratory Staff and several former Medical School Elite Frisbee connoiseurs from former Frisbee hosted events.

The “Challengers” were previously assigned sixteen of the world’s most sophisticated Frisbee throws, targeting their mortal nemesis, the “Avengers.”

Interestingly and a salute to the Language Department, “Sports English” was strictly adhered to, although it must be mentioned, it was not formerly mandated. This was a student-only initiative meant to show respect and a genuine welcome to two of our Medical School’s International students, richly emblematic of Team Pride.

The reputable Medical School’s Sports Reporter noted absolutely no failed throws nor missed snags over the span of two hours playing, setting a new national level record. The “Challengers”, many of whom were considerably newbies to the sport, were assigned colorful Frisbee nicknames, had but one week to practice and master their sophisticated throws before stepping into the area of friendly competition.

In the words of an International Sports Journalist from Texas, USA, who was on site covering this memorable event, “The show proved to be a bedazzling display of Pluto Platter acumen, sportsmanship behavior, outstanding coordination and school spirit.”

“We had to be, with seventeen Frisbees in the air at one time, intense focus on the “Challengers” part was essential in coordinating our catches while maintaining our positions. It’s true, as the scores were tallied mid-afternoon, the Medical School announced a new Frisbee record, seventeen catches consistent in over 200 tosses, spanning nearly two hours of game-time,” Lili stated.

Lili is the school’s new record holder for catching no fewer than five Frisbees in a single volley. A good time was enjoyed by all.”

Kép előnézete

Kép előnézetePictures taken by Gábor Fáskerti