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Supervisor: KECSKÉS, Angéla

TRPA1 is a non-selective cation channel activated by a wide range of irritants, nonxious cold and pro-inflammatory cytokines. Since it is permeable for Ca2+, Na+ and K+, its activation results in membrane depolarization, action potential discharges and neurotransmitter release both centrally and peripherally. It is predominantly expressed in primary sensory neurons and epithelial cells. Trpa1 mRNA expression in adult and developing mouse brain has been poorly investigated. Therefore, the main goals of this study are (i) to map Trpa1 mRNA expression both spatially and temporally on sagittal and coronal sections of developing mouse brain by using the ultrasensitive RNAscope in situ hybridization technology, since currently no specific α-TRPA1 antibody is commercially available; (ii) to co-localize Trpa1-positive regions and stages with specific neuronal markers either performing multiplex RNAscope or RNAscope combined immunostaining procedure depending on the availability of the antibody specific to the neuronal marker of interest.