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FARKAS, József

FARKAS, József

M.D., PhD.

senior lecturer

Department of Anatomy

Telefon: 35053

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: FARKAS, József

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. REGLŐDI, Dóra

Toxic effects during pregnancy  may have serious consequences on the development of the organism. One of these effects may be substance abuse of the pregnant woman. In the present research project we would like to make a detailed evaluation of the effects of THC and other drugs  on early life development.

Supervisor: FARKAS, József

Co-supervisor: Dr. KERESZTES, Dóra

During traumatic injuries on site amputation may become necessary. There is no valid guide line availabla in this topic. The aim of the current research project is to comapre  the effectivity of the available amutation tools