The aim of the project

Let’s play together since playing is good!

Games develop thinking, memory, creativity, and self-confidence, and help to reduce stress.

And besides, it is fun to play!

We look forward to welcoming all our students and staff for a play experience together!

 In the 2023/24 spring semester, board game afternoons will also be organised every two weeks on Thursdays starting at 4 PM. 

 The programme will include board games from the game list. The range of games will be continuously extended according to availability and demand. At the same time, we encourage everyone to bring their own favourite games to play with their new or regular friends!

 Participants will also be treated to freshly brewed tea, which everyone can drink from the mug they bring (please bring a mug) or from the re-cup we provide.

 Let’s play!

The organizer team from the Department of Public Health Medicine wishes everyone a pleasant time.