Student card and Client Gate

Applying for student card:

  1. Registration at the local Immigration Office to get your address card (EU citizens get it by post, non-EU students get it in Csend utca on a thick white stamped form).
  2. Getting your NEK number from the Documentation Office/Government OfficeSzántó Kovács János street 1.

    Monday: 8am - 6pm
    Tuesday: 8am - 3pm
    Wednesday: 8am - 4pm
    Thursday: 8am - 4pm
    Friday: 8am - 3pm
  3. Please check out and compare your data in Neptun and on the NEK ID document. Your application for the card will only be processed if there are no discrepancies, each letter and number should be the same.
  4. In case of any problems, please contact your Registrar's Office administrative officerGeneral Medicine
    Tamás Turul

    Orsolya Ambrus

    Dr. Eszter Simon

    Biotechnology BSc and MSc
    Barbara Magó Sámócziné
  5. Electronic application for the first student card in Neptun:
    Administration ► Student Card request ► "Add new" ► fill the boxes ► "Save".
  6. You can make an appointment to pick your temporary travel benefit paper at the Central Registrar's OfficePécs, Dohány street 1-3.
    Basement of Building Z
  7. Check the status of your application in Neptun:
    Administration ► Student card ► FIR status: "Successful application".
    If there is a problem, contact your administrative officer at the RO.
  8. In about 1-2 months you can pick up your permanent student ID and the validating sticker for each active semester at the Central Registrar's Office.

More information on the relevant page of the Central Registrar's Office.

Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu):

The faculty mostly uses electronic means for administration. In order to receive your official documents electronically, you will need to have a Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) account.

You can open a Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) account at the Documentation Office/Government Office when you go get your NEK number.