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Recognition of previous studies (credit transfer)


(Credit transfer)


Students (credit transfer) and applicants (preliminary credit transfer) of the University of Pécs Medical School (UPMS) may request exemption from the completion of certain obligatory and/or elective, optional courses of the UPMS. The courses completed must be evaluated with a grade, courses with fail/pass results cannot be accepted.

1. Please check the descriptions of the obligatory, elective and optional courses of the University of Pécs Medical School on this website. Find the ones that you would like to be exempt from.

2. Fill in one copy of the Credit Transfer Application Form for your present major and attachyour recommended curriculum (prescribed course of your previous studies).

3. For each and every UPMS course to be credited (accepted upon earlier studies) fill in one copy of the Opinion Form.

4. Along with each opinion form you have to submit an English language copy of your transcript and a very detailed description of the course(s) completed. The course description must hold following information: where and when it was completed, type of exam, grade granted, number of classes (lectures, practices, seminars), detailed list of topics and contact details of a competent administrator of the institute.

5. All pages of the transcript, the curriculum and the course descriptions must be officially attested by your school with original seal and signature and only complete applications shall be processed.

6. Please submit your application before August 01 or January 01 to the following address:

University of Pécs Medical School, Registrar’s Office, 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12, Hungary


The credit transfer process fee is 7.000 HUF per UPMS course for students who have studied abroad. Payment can be made at the cashier.


Credit Transfer Application Form:

General Medicine

Opinion Form:   The same form is to be used for all majors.

Request form for Technical Credit


For further information, please read the Code of Studies and Examinations and the Code of Credit Transfer Procedure at the University of Pécs Medical School on the Registrar's Office website under Codes and Guidelines menu. Further information about the Credit Transfer Committee is available on the website of the Committee.



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