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Professional practices

Professional practices

Rules for accredited practice places (general medicine)


Rules of procedures of accredited practices places

Rules of accreditation and their procedures - practical guideline


List of accredited practice places (general medicine)


  1. Teaching hospitals of the UPMS (Besides the UPMS' own teaching hospitals the university clinics and teaching hospitals of the other Hungarian medical schools can also be accepted (Semmelweiss University, University of Debrecen, University of Szeged). - last updated: May 2019
  2. The accredited teaching hospitals and teaching wards in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada - last updated: April 2019
  3. General practitioners and paediatricians accredited by the Department of Primary Health Care of the UPMS - last updated: March 2019
  4. A permanently updated list of foreign clinical sites (teaching hospitals and teaching wards) in Hungarian medical education accredited by HAC is available on the HAC's website  ("Magyar Felsőoktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság")


professional practices in the General medicine major



1. Summer Practice in Hospital Care (OARAPG, 2nd semester, 90 hours)

2. Summer Practice in Medical Communication (OAROKG, 2nd semester, 30 hours, to be spent at a General Practitioner's practice)

3. Summer Practice in Internal Medicine (OARBEL, 6th semester, 140 hours)

4. Summer Practice in Surgery (OARSEB, 8th semester, 120 hours)

(Apart from the surgery clinic, summer surgery practice can also be conducted in the following departments: vascular surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, or traumatology.)

Clinical Block Practice (elective course)

Booklet for clinical skills (general medicine)



professional practices in the Dentistry major


1. Dental Assistant Summer Practice (OSRAFG, Dentistry, 2nd semester, 60 hours)

  • acceptance letter with requirements - to be submitted to the Registrar's Office until the deadline
  • certificate of completion with requirements - to be submitted to the course director and a copy to the Registar's Office after completion

2. Dentoalveolar Surgery Summer Practice (OSRDAS, 6th semester, 120 hours)

3. Integrated Dentistry Summer Practice (OSRINF, 8th semester, 140 hours)




UPMS, Evaluation sheet of the Practice Place