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The Hungarian Association of Teachers and Researchers of

Languages for Specific Purposes (SZOKOE)

and the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes

at the Medical School of the University of Pécs

cordially invite you to participate in

SZOKOE 18th annual International Conference


Interdisciplinary Approaches in LSP Education and Research


 Time and venue of the conference

9-10 November, 2018

Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Pécs

Jurisics M. u. 44. 7624-Pécs, Hungary

Talks and poster presentations are invited in Hungarian

and English in the following fields:


knowledge sharing, value transmission

educational technologies, digitalisation

 terminology, lexicology

genre studies, discourse analysis

intercultural communication, translation, interpretation

curriculum, material design, methodology

assessment, evaluation, testing


SZOKOE is also inviting papers for Porta Lingua 2019


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