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ERŐS, Krisztián

ERŐS, Krisztián


Telefon: 29265

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: ERŐS, Krisztián

Co-supervisor: Dr. VERES, Balázs

A redox imbalance characterizes the pathomechanisms of various diseases. Here, we aim to assess the importance of emerging oxidative stress in the liver tissue during microbial infection. For this purpose, we use new generation sequencing (NGS) data originating from bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) exposed wild type, Cyclophylin D knock-out -a key regulator of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore- and an antioxidant compound, TEMPOL pre-treated mice model. The primary focus is laid on the network-based modelling and analysis of LPS-induced gene expression alterations, and hypotheses testing on the role of oxidative stress in sepsis-related tissue damage and organ dysfunction.