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Student Researchers' Society Topics

The majority of common life phenomena, including social norms, values, economic expectations or political and ideological forces are strongly related to the health status of the people. Our research work offers students a special overview of health in a selected variety of social contexts and perspectives. We will study whereby social, cultural, religious, economic, and other determinants are linked to health issues.

Several studies found a negative secular tendency according to psychological parameters (depressive symptoms, distress, burnout, etc.) of medical students throughout their studies. It has an influence on their study results, on their later career and indirectly on the whole society.  The aim of our study is to describe mental health status of students and to investigate risk and protective factors, furthermore to find effective methods to improve their psychical health.

The objective of the students' research work is to choose a topic with epidemiological importance, collect and combine the results of multiple scientific studies, and with statistical analyses provide conclusions with higher scientific power.

Urbanization, as a process, is closely connected with several other essential social, economic, and environmental changes. These factors cause both positive and negative consequences on the health status of city dwellers. Our research activities aim to study the wild variety of possible health impacts of an urban environment such as the social determinants of health, or the evaluation of the community and setting based health promotion initiatives, in addition the climate-change related challenges.

Practically all types of eukaryotic cells can be studied for DNA strand breaks using microgel electrophoretic (comet) assay. All environmental samples can be applied to detect mutagenic/genotoxic compounds. Samples should be concentrated by the particular methods and incorporated into an agarose microgel together with the cells. After electrophoresis, fluorescent staining and image-analysis the DNA strand breaks can be evaluated.