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Our website is renewed

The Medical School’s website will receive a new look according to the needs of our time, which means changes in both appearance and function. We hope that it will not only be more beautiful in appearance but also wider in content and more structured than before.

The new website is not entirely ready yet but it is time to make it available from the internal network for a test period and develop it jointly based on feedback. After the test period has expired, we will open the website to the general public as well by replacing the current version.

Some of the new features are:

The new website can be accessed at or via the link in the header of the current website.

Please report any errors or shortcomings to Tibor Rafa-Gyovai - including a screenshot or a link - at We also welcome your positive feedback: from these we know what is useful and usable.

Thank you for your contribution and we also wish you a great time using the new website.

The developers of the website