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Successful exchange of experience with the University of Cambridge Department of Anatomy

17 February 2020

In October 2019, dr. Judit Horváth, dr. András Nagy and dr. Eszter Fábián, the colleagues of the UP MS Department of Anatomy visited the University of Cambridge Department of Anatomy where dr. Cecilia Brassett, who took over the leadership of the institute there a few years ago, welcomed them.

As it turned out, the foreign anatomy education is very similar to the anatomy education in Pécs, Cambridge students also have the opportunity to dissect, demonstrate on a cadaver, unlike at other foreign universities. In addition to the exchange of professional experience, it was a special experience for the professionals from Pécs to attend a special dinner at the Magdalene College hosted by dr. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury and Wales, current head of the Magdalene College. This dinner is special because the guests pass through a secret door to a set table where the students are waiting for them by candlelight. The sight of the old town, historical and cultural monuments is also a lasting memory.

The professional and interpersonal relationship between the colleagues of the two departments can also greatly contribute to further cooperation between the two universities.