General Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK)

14 April 2020

Dear Students and Mentors,

I would like to invite you to the online General Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators on 15th April at 18.00, which will be held with the help of the video conference application "Zoom".

You can join the meeting with the following link:

The access code to the assembly will be sent via e-mail on Wednesday, 15th April at 17.45 and will be shared on the Facebook site of DDK.

At the General Assembly we will present the role and tasks of the demonstrator students in the distance learning, we will inform you about the technical modification of the certification process of your demonstrator activity for the fulfillment of the course requirements, we will summarize the experiences with the first online workshop for demonstrator students organized by the Department of Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication, and finally, the best demonstrator students and mentors will be awarded.

We look forward to your participation.

Best regards,

Andrea Tamás M.D., Ph.D.

president of DDK