Creative Biolabs Scholarship, 2020 – Biotechnology MSc students

11 August 2020

Dear Biotechnology MSc Students,

Creative Biolabs (a US-based leading biotechnology company) has recently invited applicants for a Scholarship Award for students pursuing studies and/or research in biomedical fields, submitted as an essay or PowerPoint presentation, covering the topics listed. Students from the University of Pécs are eligible to apply.

Topics for your essay or PowerPoint:

  • Overview on Clinical Applications of Oncolytic Viruses
  • Novel Gene Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy
  • Applications of Protac Technology in Disease Treatment
  • Overview on Clinical Applications of Stem Cell Therapy

For terms and conditions, please visit the following link:

As composing a competitive essay in any of these fields guarantees a valuable learning experience, I encourage everyone to apply.


Good luck,


Peter Balogh

Head of Biotechnology MSc program