Autumn semester, 2020 - important informations for students!

1 September 2020

Informations regarding the online education of Clinical Biochemistry.

Dear Students,


With respect to the epidemic and the regulations and recommendations of the University of Pécs and the Medical School, the teachers of the Dept. Of Laboratory Medicine decided to switch Clinical Biochemistry to a completely online course. We are confident that the disadvantages of the online education can be overcome or even improved upon by presenting high quality education material and by maintaining a fast, perceptive communication with the students.

We wish to inform you about important details of the online semester:

  • Every registered students who joins a group is automatically also assigned to a group in Microsoft Teams (lectures and seminars)
  • Lectures will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Potepedia on the day of its scheduled time. You can access Potepedia at:  
  • Seminar materials will be also uploaded on Potepedia. Media files of practical presentations (such the demonstration of a correct blood collection practice) will be also available at Potepedia during the semester.
  • Seminars will take place real-time as scheduled in your timetable, but organized as a meeting in Microsoft Teams. We would like to ask you to not initiate meetings! Scheduled meetings will start automatically 10 min. before the start of the seminars to which you can join.   
  • Please mute you microphones! If possible make your inquires and questions in the chat-box or use the „raise your hand” function to signal your desire to speak to the teacher.
  • Only students part of a group can join a seminar meeting. If you wish to make up for a missed seminar or if you wish to switch class, please let us know by email: Please don’t forget to give us your full name and EHA (Neptun) identifier so we can invite you to another group.
  • The seminars will be part pre-recorded, part interactive Q&A. The teachers will decide how to split up the time between the two. Your activity will be required to verify your presence/participation! The exact conditions will be stated by the teachers at the beginning of the seminars. Most probably the teacher will ask a few questions during the seminar about the topic or discuss lab results with you and your responses will be recorded in the chat window. You have to input a (certain) number of answers to demonstrate that you participated at the seminar. As in previous years, presence at 5 out of 7 seminars is mandatory.   
  • We are searching for the best approach to enable blood collection practices for students. Stay tuned for updates!   
  • At the moment, we anticipate that oral exams may be organized in real life (IRL) in our department but worsening of the epidemic or regulatory overrides might change that. If IRL exams are possible, exam dates will be separated into smaller intervals (max. 4 students/hour) to avoid crowding and maintain social distancing.
  • If you have any question or inquiry regarding the aboves or regarding Clinical Biochemistry, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact: