Renewal of the UP MS brand guidelines

16 December 2020

We have re-designed the brand guidelines of our faculty, unifying past and future. The respect for tradition and the new direction we wish to follow in the future – modernity and progressiveness – both appear in it. We hope that all of our colleagues will like and use it as needed in the future.


Dear Colleagues!

The University of Pécs Medical School is dynamically developing, and I believe that the near future holds many excellent opportunities for us to move forward. Taking hold of these opportunities is only on us, and I trust that together, we will succeed. It is important that everyone – students, educators and administrative workers – share both the challenges and the successes we will achieve together.

The planning and development of the faculty in the coming times is our shared responsibility, in which everyone can find their own tasks. Together, we can build a university faculty that proudly relies on its past and traditions, but is modern and functional, serving as an example for others.

We based the renewal of our brand image on these thoughts. We have created a modern, unified visual system that encompasses our traditional values, but is more functional in a rapidly developing communication environment than the old system. This system identifies us as UP MS; a place where all of us can feel at home, and where we are proud to belong.

Miklós Nyitrai, dean


“During the design of the new brand image, it was important that we did not want to create something entirely new, but to take the past into consideration, presenting it a more modern and progressive way. I believe that we have managed to achieve this with the current form. The beloved and symbolic tile shapes invoke past traditions that were also part of the old brand image. We organised these into a new system made up of triangles. The ability to organise these triangles into an arbitrary, infinite pattern is an interesting feature.”

Zoltán Egri, graphic designer


Brand guidelines