An all-seeing camera system monitors the lockers at the Medical School

4 May 2021

To improve the students' sense of security, a camera system cost about HUF four million has been installed by the UP Medical School in the Mihály Pekár Medical and Life Sciences Library, in the basement corridors and at the swimming pool level to prevent breaking into lockers.

The installation of the system was initiated by the Medical School in Pécs at the request of the students. Previously, several lockers were broken into in the basement, and valuable belongings - laptops, phones, backpacks - were taken from them. Unfortunately, the police did not find the thieves.

Because of these cases, the student organisations, the Hungarian Student Council (HÖK) and the English-German Student Council (EGSC) also wanted to find a reassuring solution. Therefore, as well as to increase the students’ sense of security, the leadership of the School decided to install a camera system at the affected locations.

The tender for the installation of the system was announced in December 2020 and the cameras started operating on 22 April this year. As a result of the gross investment of HUF 4 million, 10 cameras have been installed in the vicinity of the library, 6 cameras have been placed in the corridor and 20 at the swimming pool level in order to see all the lockers.

The camera system installed at the UPMS is a system like the one in the new theoretical building. This provides an opportunity for the security service to monitor the new locations through the system operating there. The images of the cameras can be seen in the building of the Chancellery (in Szántó Kovács János street, in the Security Center) by the Security Organisation Group, the recordings can be reviewed and saved.

It is important to note that the Occupational Safety Coordination Department, more specifically the Property Protection has the right to review and save the recordings, in accordance with the aspirations and regulations of the university. Recordings can be reviewed and saved in accordance with the legal regulations (GDPR) at the request of the police.