Application for the International Student Ambassador Program

9 September 2021

The University of Pécs is looking for International Student Ambassadors for the academic year 2021/2022.

Who is a student ambassador?

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are current students who act as a link between their facultyand the outside community. They use their own experiences to give people interested in university life an idea of what it is like to be a student. They assist at a variety of events; their role is to give a fair and accurate representation of the university from a student perspective.

Also, from this year we would like to extend this program and allow the ISAs to recruit students to the university in a commission-based cooperation with the faculties.

Here are some of the top benefits of becoming an international student ambassador:

  1. Looks great on your CV/resume: You will gain valuable work experience and you can improve your skills such as communication, public speaking, teamwork, and working with different age groups.
  2. Networking: You will meet students from over the world and will be working closely with university staff and your fellow ISAs. It could stand you in good stead when in need of recommendation letters or contacts for a potential position.
  3. Trainings: We will provide training sessions to help develop or enhance your intercultural, networking, project planning and professional skills.
  4. Certificate: You can be an ambassador for one or more full academic years. At the end of the academic year, you receive a certificate that you have been an ISA.
  5. It’s fun! You will meet new friends, try new activities and help others along the way.
  6.  You can earn money with it: From this year, you will have a chance to recruit students to the university in a commission-based cooperation with the faculties. The amount of the commission would be 10% of the recruited student’s tuition fee for the first academic year.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply who is currently enrolled in a full-degree international program (non-exchange) at the University of Pécs:

  • first-year students without any restriction
  • students, with one finished semester has to have fulfilled at least 20 credits in their last semester
  • students with at least two finished semesters has to have fulfilled at least 40 credits in their last two semesters.

Essential characteristics and skills

  • Responsible, reliable person, good timekeeper
  • Diplomatic, confident, friendly, approachable and enthusiastic
  • Interact well and enjoy working with a wide range of people including students, teachers, parents and careers advisers
  • Comfortable discussing all aspects of student life with members of the public clearly and confidently
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good problem-solving skills and ability to work on own initiative
  • Sensitivity and consideration of peoples’ feelings and the ability to empathise with others regardless of race, culture or religion
  • Good personal organisational skills
  • Knowledge of the various processes involved in becoming an international student in Pécs, such as accommodation
  • Very good command of spoken and written English

Desirable skills

  • Previous experience of working as part of a team; whether through paid work, volunteering, sports, societies or similar
  • Customer service skills
  • General knowledge of the University of Pécs and involvement in student life and student organizations for example ESN, EGSC, AEGEE, AIESEC

The International Student Ambassadors are all selected based on their enthusiasm and commitment to assisting international students and promoting the University of Pécs.

What are your duties as an ISA?

International Student Ambassadors represent the student life of the University of Pécs at a variety of events and should have a good understanding of its departments/institutes and courses currently offered (including those outside of their own subject area), or be willing to learn, and of the university’s facilities and services. International Student Ambassadors are expected to be involved in a range of Student Recruitment and International Office activities. The most frequent examples are:

  • Share your passion for UP and Pécs with others.
  • Share your positive personal experiences with prospective students.
  • Writing a profile of yourself to be used on the website and other publications.
  • Answer the questions of prospective students who have applied or are interested in UP.
  • Answer the emails within one week that you receive as a UP International Student Ambassador.
  • Convince new potential students why UP is the perfect choice for them.
  • Lead campus tours for prospective students, their families, and other guests.
  • Participate in international university events (presentation/organization).
  • Participate in the promotional activities of the International Office and promote Hungarian higher education and the University (assist on videos, fairs, webinars).
  • Participate in the social media activities of the International Office, UP (Facebook, Instagram) and show your life at UP.
  • Work in co-operation with the International Office.
  • Possible involvement in activities in your home country.

Your hours will be flexible and will be allocated on a mutually acceptable basis.

The online activities (communication with prospective students, writing a profile, social media activities, etc.), participation in promotional activities (videos, fairs, webinars, presentations) are unpaid, those run voluntarily.

Recruiting students

From this year, you will have a chance to recruit students to the university in a commission-based cooperation with the faculties. The amount of the commission would be 10% of the recruited student’s tuition fee for the first academic year.

How to apply?

Please, fill out the online application form to apply for the ISA team at

Application deadline: 19 September 2021

Applicants who are successful at this stage will be required to attend an interview.

Further information

If you have any questions about the application process or require more detail about what the role involves, please, contact the International Centre.

Email questions to or give a call at +3672501500/61681