The renewed website of the Faculty of Pharmacy has been launched

6 January 2022

At the end of December 2021, the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy’s renewed website was launched. The modern, dynamic website, optimized for smart devices in line with international trends, reflects the modern, innovative spirit of the faculty, representing the institution worthily to the external professional audience, partners, and applicants in addition to students and teachers.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is the youngest faculty at the University of Pécs, but it has a long history. After its launch in 2016, the faculty caught up with the Medical School due to its well-thought-out strategy and significant steps, and then with domestic and international institutions to become competitive among young people who are interested in the training and plan on choosing a career in pharmacy.

In addition to developing the infrastructural and educational methodology and professional relations, the renewal of marketing and communications could not be left out either. It is also crucial for an institution providing quality training to share its work, philosophy, and opportunities as widely as possible. Online communication is one of the most important elements.

At the beginning of 2021, the leadership of the UP Faculty of Pharmacy decided to renew and unify its image and means of communication. The recipe was partly given, as through the cooperation of the marketing communication specialists of the UPMS, a tested and well-functioning team of professionals took over the tasks, and they began the work based on their experiences at the Medical School.

It was an essential aspect that the Faculty of Pharmacy had to combine its modern and innovative spirit with an independent identity that radiates professionalism and can take a qualitative step forward in both educational activities and building professional relationships.

One of the important pillars of the complex professional work was creating a fundamentally renewed website for the Faculty of Pharmacy, which emphasizes a new approach.

The new communication structure breaks with the tradition that the website should primarily serve and inform the students studying at the faculty and the staff who teach them. An open-minded educational institution must address the outside world, its local environment, its professional audience, and, last but not least, those domestic and international people who are interested in quality and affordable education.

The new website has been developed by the same design, programming, and content development team that launched the UPMS website last year, thus winning the 2021 Website of the Year award in the education category. The structure of the two websites adheres to the same principles in many ways, which is not surprising due to the close professional cooperation of the faculties.

The scale of the work is best illustrated by the fact that the faculty’s new website was created in more than 3,000 working hours with the involvement of the UPMS Marketing and Communications Department, the communication specialists of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and external developers.

The new website of the faculty awaits its visitors with a modern, dynamic appearance, fast navigation in line with international trends, and perfect display on all smart devices. At the same time, it is open to those interested in the world of the pharmaceutical profession. Following the renewal, an impressive, content-rich website is now available to both students and teachers, as well as professionals involved in recruitment and young people involved in choosing a career.