Year evaluation by Dr. Attila Miseta, Rector of UP

7 January 2022

The University of Pécs had a busy year, it has received many recognitions and it has been enriched with a lot of novelties. Perhaps the most striking of the latter is the handover of the new educational and research wing of the University of Pécs Medical School, built from more than HUF 14 billion, says The main building of the Medical School has thus been expanded with a new wing of 12,000 square meters, which provides an even higher level of theoretical and clinical education environment with the most modern technological innovations.

“Greening” is very important to UP. It has once again earned the title of the greenest Hungarian university in the forefront of the “green universities” of the world - with the participation of 956 universities - and proved to be the best among the Hungarian universities again.

"There is an interesting year behind us, with the coronavirus epidemic being the greatest challenge," said Dr. Attila Miseta, Rector of UP. As he said, the university has been enriched with several new developments: a mobile app has been developed to monitor watercourses, a new hybrid laboratory is available at the Heart Institute, the patients are treated with absorbable implants at the Department of Paediatrics, unique microscope equipment is helping drug development, a new thoracic surgery procedure is being used, and a new ultrasound device is helping children’s urological examination. In addition, several world-class patents have enhanced UP’s reputation over the past year: a 3D body scanner developed by UP, new sequencing equipment, and further research at the National Laboratory for Human Reproduction.

Due to the model change, the University of Pécs has become a university managed by a foundation, the centenary ceremony series has started, UP received the most prestigious European internationalization award, it became the best primary-level teacher training institution in the country, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was at the top of the HVG ranking. The university can also be proud of its students doing sports because many of them excelled at the Tokyo Olympics, the rector added.



Szabolcs Csortos/UnivPécs